Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am interested in the courses. How do I find out more about the course?

Ans: Please call us at 6332 2330 or drop us an email at Please expect a reply soon, as we are always happy to serve our customer.
2. How do I register for the courses?

Ans: Please call us at 6332 2330 or contact Trainocate‘s Account Manager. Alternatively, you may send an email to for the registration form.
3. When will I be provided with the coursewares, training or learning materials?

Ans: Materials will only be released to registered participant on the first day of the attendance of the registered course or training.
4. Can I attend the course before I make the payment?

Ans: Confirmation via email will only be sent to registered participant who had made the full payment for the registered course or training. To avoid disappointment, please ensure full payment of the course prior to attending the registered course or training.
5. I had posted out my cheque for the payment but was not yet received by Trainocate before the starting date, what should I do?

Ans: Registered participant will only be admitted to the class when payment for the registered course/ training had been received. Please arrange the payment early. We do accept credit card payments and other modes of payments.
6. What are the payment modes available?

Ans: The payment modes available are Nets, Mastercard, Visa, Cheques, Wire Transfer, Paypal, eNets TUs and CLCs.
7. How would I know if my course will run on the expected date?

Ans: A confirmation email will be sent to the registered participant indicating the official start date of the registered course or training. In the event of a change of the official start date, an email notification will be sent to the registered participant.
8. I would like the cancel or postpone, how can I do so?

Ans: Please refer to the terms and conditions printed on the registration form. Any notification of cancellation or request for the change of course date is received 7 days or later prior to commencement of the registered course / training, 100% course fee will be charged.
9. Where can I take my examination?

Ans: Trainocate is an Authorized Testing Centre for candidates to sign up for Kryterion and Pearson VUE examinations.
10. I would like to take my examination after the course, what should I do?

Ans: Please contact our Account Manager to enquire on the examination schedule and they assist you regarding the enrollment for the relevant examination.
11. If I have not completed my course in Trainocate, can I take my examination in Trainocate?

Ans: Participants who have registered and completed the course or training with Trainocate will be given priority and complimentary service to book the relevant examinations upon request. Otherwise, an administrative fee of SGD100.00 (exclusive of 7% GST) will be applied.
12. I would like to have a customized course, what are the requirements?

Ans: We would require a minimum of 4 registered participants to schedule a customized class. Please feel free to contact Trainocate’s Account Manager or drop an email to We will be glad to provide you with more information regarding the customization/training.
13. Does Trainocate provide On-Site training?

Ans: Certainly! We will be most ready to attend to you on any on-site training/course deliveries at your own facility or the location of your choice if the class size is reasonable.
14. Where is Trainocate?

Ans: We are located near the Central Business District of Singapore and easily accessible by public transports. Our address is 190 Middle Road #20-02/03/04, Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979. Please check out this link for more information,
15. If I still have further questions?

Ans: Please do not hesitate to call us at 6332 2330 or drop us an email at