Cisco Sydney

"Goldman, thanks for the course, you’re a very entertaining instructor." - Deeks Siriwardana, 7 July 2017

Cisco Jakarta

"Thank you so much for this two days training class. Hope will see you again in the next session bro." - Narto Hendra
"Thank you very much Sir. Really enjoy your class and I hope we’ll meet again in next class." - Michihiro Suryanto
"Thanks a lot for your sharing. I get so much knowledge about BE6K this 2 days. Thank you very much. Hopefully we will meet again in the next training session. :D" - Suleman
"Thanks for your sharing and training. You have the expert explanation. Hope I can have your class again about more detail about CCIE Voice. :) When we meet again for your class :)" - Agus Setiawan
"Thanks for sharing your method of learn and I will always remember it hahaha… .and of course I hope we meet again at the next class." - Muhammad Taufik
"I really enjoy your teaching method for the be6k session. Looking forward to seeing you again. :)" - Armando Parhusip

Cisco Kuala Lumpur

"Thank you very much it was a good class really enjoyed it and learned a lot too" - Inderjitpal Kaur
"I think all of us enjoyed your class very much. Thank you :)" - Moi Chooi Lee
"Thank you for sharing, it is a fruitful session for beginner like me. Appreciate much :)" - Clement Tan
"Thanks and see you for CM10." - Nizam Hafiz Bin Md Ishak
"Thanks for your guide." - Yong Kok Wei

Cisco Singapore

"Instructor provides very good examples or analogy to relay concepts and differences between various terminology".                                                             - Chong Kong Seng, 17 February 2015
"The trainer was clear in his explanation and it was very informative. Lab practice was adequate too. Overall, it was a good experience here"                   - Choo Ting Yong, 9 February 2015
"This has been one of the best training that I attended. Steven was very good in the subject matter."                                                                                            - Tan Yong Chuan, 2 June 2015
"Ong is very much knowledgeable with the course. He was able to answer precisely and effectively the questions asked by the class."                                - Maria Fatima F. Tadique, 21 April 2015
"Goldman explained through the coursework at every step and made it conducive to learn rather than just mechanically follow a script."                           - Sowmya Suryamoorthy, 16 January 2015
"I had some new learning about ACS and had also cleared my queries related to Cisco ACS. The teacher, Elanko was very cooperative and had a sound knowledge."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Hafiz Salman Shafiq, 24 June 2015


Enjoyed this training

"I really enjoy this training course and I can now begin some TP projects. I have less experience in VOICE before but now, I learned much. Thanks for your patient and guidance during the training. " (Cutie Yang, BT, ITSI, 29 Mar 2013)

Excellent training

"Excellent training! Keep up the good work! I’ve really learned a lot in a week and I really love the fact that everybody is enjoying the training. I like your teaching style in that way. " ( Ansley Verzosa, BT, ITSI, 29 Mar 2013)

Trainer had great experience and knowledge

"Thanks so much, good one. " (Muralidhar Maruthirao, BT, ITSI, 29 Mar 2013)

Pleasure to meet a cisco expert

"It is great that I can meet a Cisco expert like you around the world. You delivered the training in a very comprehensive way. Hope I can have another chance to join your training or experience sharing, no matter in Hong Kong, Singapore or any place in the world. " (Eric Kwok, BT, ITSI, 29 Mar 2013)

Trainer shows good knowledge and expertise

"The trainer, Mr Goldman Lee is a great person. He is a superman who delivered the content timely. The environment is also excellent to be in. I hope to attend the next training. Thanks a lot! It is very helpful for me!                                                                                                                                                            - Min Thein Hin Aong, 6 February 2015.

Good and very Interactive Session

"Goldman explained through the coursework at every step and made it conducive to learn rather than just mechanically follow a script."                           - Sowmya Suryamoorthy, 16 January 2015, Implementing Cisco BE6K v10.5 @ Cisco Mumbai
Best training I had in years

"One of the best training that I have attended in the recent years" (Muthukumar V, CISCO, ACUCM - 8th Nov 2011)

Overall a very good experience

"Overall a very good experience. Training was interactive with lot of knowledge sharing and innovative ways to learn and remember" (Sumitha Susan Rai, CISCO, ACUCM - 8th Nov 2011)

Thank you for such wonderful training

"Thank you for such a wonderful training. The training delivered was fun. The trainer has tremedious energy fueled and has knowledge of almost all of CISCO product. Very best of luck for your future endevious and thanks for motivating." (Rajesh.Padwal, Nirmal Datacomm, Unified Communication Presales and Design - 3rd November 2011)

Trainer maintained Flow, Pace, Knowledge sharing very well

"The trainer has successfully delivered the content in a way that is relatable to us Partner Accounts Managers. Focused on the key tools to help us to understand the subject matter better and faster."                                                                                                                                                                                       - Kristine Buensucso Ang,  5 August 2015, Business Value Practioner

The training was very good without which I don't think I could have cleared the Certification.
The concept was very relevant and hopefully will be of more use in my career ahead. Thank you and for the guidance provided.