How We Train

Trainocate surrounds each student with the right tools to master new knowledge and skills. Expert Instructors When your people take training, they want to learn from people who have been there before — people with real expertise. Trainocate instructors are highly sought after consultants working with leading integrators and Global 200 companies worldwide. They’ve deployed enterprise applications and databases, connected hospitals, built intranets, and prepared security Tiger Teams. Every day, they gain more extensive real-world design and deployment experience and bring that to the courses they teach and the courses they write.


Superior Content

The strength of our curriculum provides depth to every Trainocate learning solution. Each year, we train over 300,000 students. This provides us with 300,000 opportunities for feedback for our courses. We integrate this feedback into our training so that it reflects precisely what businesses and individuals need to know. Trainocate content empowers workers to be productive by giving them the mastery of knowledge and skills needed to face real-world challenges.


Peer Interaction

Interacting with your instructor is not enough. The experience of other students proves invaluable when solving problems. All of our learning formats allow for interaction with both your instructor and classmates.


Live Labs

Live Labs are key to mastering the use of real equipment in real situations. Whether in the classroom or accessed remotely, Trainocate gives you hands-on skills with leading-edge equipment


Blending Learning Solutions

Businesses possess different needs. That ’s why one-size-fits-all approaches to training don ’t work. Only the right combination of Classroom, Virtual Classroom, and e-Learning from Trainocate provides the right solution to any IT training need.

Trainocate helps businesses determine the custom learning path their work force needs to master. Then we offer a choice of delivery methods for learning those skills. Each method is crafted uniquely, yet the outcome proves consistent. Each student learns exactly the skills he or she needs.