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IUWMS - Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services V2.0 (IUWMS)

  • Overview
  • Who Should Attend
  • Certifications
  • Prerequisites
  • Objectives
  • Content
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Course Overview

In this course, you will prepare for the CCNP Wireless certification, aprofessional-level certification specializing in the wireless field. You willdiscover how to integrate mobility services into the network, tune andtroubleshoot the WLAN running mobility services, and implement mesh networks.Through hands-on labs, you will gain a thorough understanding of how toimplement mobility services in your wireless network.

For the classroom version of this course, laptops are provided toparticipate in the hands-on labs. If you'd rather use your own laptop, pleaseensure your laptop has an Ethernet port and an internal wireless NIC,802.11a/b/g/n. For laptops running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, include aterminal emulator such as HyperTerminal or you will need administrator rights toinstall software.


Who Should Attend

  • Wireless network administrators and engineers with 3-5 years experiencein the field, wireless network planners/designers, administrators/managers, andengineers
  • Mid-level wireless support engineers, wireless technical marketingengineers, wireless system engineers, and wireless test engineers

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Course Objectives

  • Design a WLAN infrastructure for mobility
  • Implement advanced services and manage them with the WCS and WCSNavigator
  • Implement Cisco's location-based services
  • Implement the Mobility Services Engine into the wireless network
  • Outdoor wireless networks and products
  • Implement and manage an indoor enterprise mesh
  • Optimize and troubleshoot the WLAN

Course Content

Design WLAN Infrastructure for Mobility

  • Best Practices for WLAN Mobility Services
  • Implications of Layer 2 and Layer 3 Roaming
  • Design for High Availability
  • Implement Single SSID Designs with Mobility
  • Cisco CleanAir

Implement Advanced Services and Manage with Cisco WCS and Cisco WCSNavigator

  • Install the WCS and Navigator
  • Configure Controllers and Access Points Using WCS Templates
  • Configure WCS for WLC Auto-Provisioning
  • Implement WCS Partitioning
  • Schedule Wireless Access using WCS
  • Configure Reports
  • Configure Administrative Tasks
  • Monitor and Convert Autonomous APs using WCS
  • Roles, Features, and Functions of Cisco WCS Navigator

Design WLAN for Context-Aware Services

  • Positioning Techniques
  • Deployment Requirements
  • Applications of RFID, Chokepoint, and TDoA

Implement Cisco Context-Aware Services

  • Mobility Services Architecture
  • Configure the Cisco 3300 Series MSE
  • Integrate and Manage the 3300 Series MSE with WCS
  • Configure and Tune the 3300 Series MSE for Context-Aware Services
  • Track Mobile Clients
  • Configure, Generate, and Interpret Location and Event Notifications
  • Integrate Third-Party Applications
  • MSE Maintenance
  • Troubleshoot Context-Aware Services

Implement and Manage Indoor and Outdoor Networks

  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Mesh Formation
  • Implement an Outdoor Wireless Mesh Network
  • Configure Advanced Features in a Wireless Mesh Network
  • Configure WCS for a Mesh Network
  • Troubleshoot an Indoor Wireless Mesh Network
  • Workgroup Bridges
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Clients


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